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Chocolate Whoppers

We offer these big, chewy super-chocolaty cookies at the Market daily—everyone loves them! Inspired by a similar cookie made at the SoHo Charcuterie back in the early eighties, these cookies keep well, freeze beautifully, and, since they’re soft, ship well, too.

Classic Oatmeal Cookies

You can make the dough up to 1 week in advance and store it in the refrigerator until ready to bake. The cookies can be made slightly crispy or chewy, according to your taste.


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Classic Sugar Cookies

We use this traditional dough for Christmas cookies, Valentine’s Day cookies, and more. The dough keeps beautifully, and can be cut out and decorated as you like.


Coconut Cake With Lemon Curd And Seven-Minute Frosting

This makes a great holiday or special occasion cake.

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Coconut Cream Pie

You can top this Coconut Cream Pie with either softly whipped cream or sweetened meringue.

Coconut Macaroons

These big, sticky macaroons keep really well. They’re absolute heaven for coconut lovers!


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Coconut Macaroons Dipped In Chocolate

(Gluten Free)

These coconut clusters are well rounded, balancing a chewy interior with a crisp golden crust, and sweetened flaked coconut with a semisweet chocolate topping.

Cream Cheese Frosting

Great on carrot cake, coconut cake and cupcakes of any kind, this easy to make frosting goes on smooth and creamy.


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