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Cream Cheese Pound Cake

This rich, dense cake keeps well and freezes beautifully. Try it with fresh peaches, sorbet, ice cream or fruit compote

Crispy Gingersnaps

Flavored with cinnamon and cloves as well as ginger, these crispy cookies are great with vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. They also make a delicious pie crust in place of graham cracker crumbs.

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Dark Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles are much easier to make than many people think. In fact, they only require three ingredients and two steps; they just couldn’t be any easier. You can make them as much as two weeks ahead of time, then put them out with coffee when you want just a little something sweet after a meal. What more could you want? I give you a basic recipe here, with options listed below for ways to truffles flavored as you like.

Espresso Shortbread Cookies

These buttery cookies are as easy to make as they are to eat. Dipped in chocolate and nuts are simply left as is they go great with afternoon tea or coffee.

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Farm-Stand Peach Ice Cream

Throughout the South, but especially along rural strips of highway, you’ll find a plethora of roadside farm stands advertising their homegrown wares with colorful, hand-painted wooden signs.  I love these quirky little catchall stands, where you’re almost as likely to encounter folk art or a mini petting zoo as you are watermelons and eggs.  If you’re lucky, you can also find some of the best peach ice cream you’ll ever eat – creamy, cold, and ultrafresh.  I like to think my version, which makes the most of sweet, sun-ripened fruit, is just as tasty. 

Foster’s Brownies

These moist fudgy brownies are easy to make and keep well. For a special dessert, warm the brownies and top with ice cream and your favorite chocolate sauce.



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Four-Layer Blueberry Gingerbread Cake With Mocha Cream

Kathy Edwards, a pastry chef at Nana’s Restaurant in Durham, North Carolina, worked with us one summer and created this luscious cake. We continue to make if every summer and it’s always a hit, especially during blueberry season.

French Silk Pie

As luxurious as its name suggests, this refrigerator pie has just a hint of port to add depth and complexity. French silk pie can be make up o 4 days in advance and topped with lightly sweetened whipped cream just before serving.

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