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Heirloom And Shell Bean Salad

LET THE FARMERS’ MARKET BE YOUR GUIDE. Select a variety of fresh beans and peas to throw into this salad (as well as into resealable bags to freeze for winter months).  You can also use canned or dried beans.  I love to order dried heirloom offerings like Moros and Christmas Limas from Rancho Gordo of Napa, California.  The only must for this recipe is to mix at least three varieties. 

Holiday Cornbread Dressing

This moist and flavorful cornbread dressing—or what you non-Southerners may call stuffing—appeared in Martha Stewart Living, and it remains one of our most requested recipes at the Market. The mix of pillowy egg bread and crusty, grainy cornbread is a real winner. Try stirring in leeks and wild mushrooms in spring or oysters and hot Italian sausage in winter.

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Mashed Potatoes

There’s nothing more comforting than honest-to-goodness, homemade mashed potatoes, enriched with butter and whole milk. This recipe is a favorite at Foster’s and at my own table, as well. Try them alongside Salmon Cakes with Crunchy Corn Relish or Braised Short Ribs with Roasted Root Vegetable Puree or as a “bed” for Braised Fillet of Beef with Roasted Tomatoes and Mushrooms or Sautéed Soft-Shell Crabs. These creamy mashed potatoes can also be scooped into individual soup bowls, and then topped with hot Chicken, Leek, and Fennel Soup or Fiery Three-Bean Chili.

Pimiento Cheese & Grit Souffle

This recipe is the perfect dish for a Southern potluck brunch, or can bring a little South to any brunch! It’s comforting, creamy, filling, and the pimiento cheese adds the perfect amount of sharpness to the grits.

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Sesame Soba Noodles With Cucumber, Bok Choy, And Mixed Greens

In this Asian take on summer pasta, noodles are tossed with a lovely orange-peanut dressing and tons of fresh vegetables. Photo to the left by Mitchell Feinberg.

Spicy Cole Slaw

The key to making this cole slaw is that you toss it just before serving, so the cabbage stay nice and crunchy. I like to break out of the box of serving cole slaw just for picnics and to use it as a condiment on sandwiches and burgers or crunchy, refreshing alternative to a green salad with hot entrees. Serve alongside my Grilled Turkey Burgers with Sweet Pickles for a refreshing summertime supper.

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Summer Corn Cakes With Chopped Tomato And Avocado Salsa

The contrasting flavors, textures, and colors make this vibrant summertime dish a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. It is tops served with a fried egg for breakfast, and you can turn it into a filling lunch or dinner by scattering the cakes with grilled shrimp or chicken breast.

Wild Mushroom And Spinach Risotto

Like so many hearty, comforting dishes, risotto is a dish that’s traditionally made with what’s on hand, and leftovers. Risotto relies on the flavor of the individual ingredients—so start with the tastiest seasonal vegetables you can find, freshly grated Parmesan and good white wine. (You can serve the rest of the wine with your dinner.) Here’s a recipe for a basic risotto followed by a variation.

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