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Asian Cole Slaw With Corn And Frisee

At Foster’s, we serve this on our Turkey Barbecue or Sweet Potato Biscuit sandwich, but it also stands alone as an unusual and tasty side to grilled tuna. Crisp and full of flavor, it can be served as a first course when topped with crispy calamari or grilled shrimp.

Beet-And-Citrus Salad

Play with different citrus here, such as tangelos, blood oranges, or clementines.

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Black Bean And Yellow Rice Salad

This colorful dish makes a great addition to a buffet or a tasty vegetarian main course.

Capellini With Fresh Ricotta, Roasted Garlic, Corn & Herbs

Fresh ricotta cheese (available at some supermarkets and at Italian markets) and good-quality olive oil are the keys to this great salty-sweet dish.

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Carrot ginger soup copy.jpg

Carrot Ginger Soup

This beautiful soup has a just a touch of of spice and is garnished with refreshing dill.

Chipotle-Squash Soup With Fresh Rosemary And Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Chipotle chiles give this soup a pleasant heat and smokiness without making it too spicy. I often dress it up with a dollop of Creme Fraiche or sour cream mixed with lime juice.

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Grilled Asparagus with Roasted Shallots and Cranberry Vinaigrette.jpg

Grilled Asparagus With Roasted Shallots And Cranberry Vinaigrette

If you don’t want to fire up the grill, you can blanch or roast the asparagus instead. You might want to make a little extra vinaigrette to have on hand; it’s delicious on mixed baby greens, grilled turkey and chicken, and most any sandwich. Like all vinaigrettes, this one can be made several days in advance and refrigerated until ready to use.

Grilled Vegetable Antipasto With Herbs Chèvre And Crostini

This dish is particularly delicious in summer, when zucchini, peppers, and summer squash are farm-fresh. You can also pile the grilled vegetables onto crusty French bread that’s been slathered with creamy chèvre. Or make hors d’ oeuvres by topping Crostini with slices of grilled vegetable and some crumbled chèvre. The vegetables can be grilled up to 1 hour in advance; assemble just before serving.

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