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Cornbread Panzanella With Avocado

Panzanella is an Italian “bread salad” that is traditionally made with cubes of day-old rustic-style bread. At Foster’s Market, we use this concept as a starting point, but we make panzanella different every time. This version, using cornbread as a base, is one of the most unusual—and one of the most popular. I like it served while the cornbread croutons are still warm. Photo to the left by Quentin Bacon

Warm Sourdough Bread Salad With Chicken And Pine Nuts

Bread salad is a traditional Italian way of making use of a day-old chunk of bread. I added shredded cooked chicken to this and tossed it with a heap of greens to turn it into a meal. Dried currants and pine nuts are added together to many savory dishes in Sicilian cuisine. It’s a really nice combination, especially if you like a touch of something sweet in your savory dishes.

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Beet, Carrot & Apple Salad

This mix of crisp vegetables is super fresh and colorful. For each color to stand out, layer ingredients in a serving bowl. Right before serving, drizzle with dressing and toss.

Lentil, Spinach And Feta Salad

 Delicious as a vegetarian lunch, this hearty salad is also good as a side dish.

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Cucumber And Heirloom Tomato Salad

This simple and refreshing salad is what I crave on especially hot summer days in North Carolina, when even the trees begin to droop and I can’t bear the thought of turning on the oven. That’s the only time to make it, since it’s also when the tomatoes and cucumbers are at their peak and growing like weeds. Have fun mixing and matching colors and shapes using the many varieties—both familiar and strange—that you’re apt to find at your local farmer’s market.

Tuna Salad

 This is the classic tuna salad we make at the market daily. But feel free to improvise, add beans, tomatoes, apples or avocado for completely different flavor.

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beet and endive salad.jpg

Roasted Beet Salad With Oranges, Fennel, And Mint

I like to use citrus in salads in the wintertime because it’s a refreshing change during a season of richer, heavier foods. This salad is layered rather than tossed so the beets won’t stain the other ingredients.

Grilled Sausage And Potato Salad With Spinach, Red Onion, And Brewmaster Mustard Vinaigrette

Brewmaster is my favorite of the many types of mustards that we sell at the Market. If you can’t find it, improvise by stirring a little brown sugar and dark beer into whole-grain mustard. With sausage and spinach tossed in with the potatoes, this salad is a meal in itself.

Grilled Sausage and Potato Salad with Spinach, Red Onion, and Brewmaster Mustard Vinaigrette.png