Family Dinners

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Treat your family and friends to a made-from-scratch meal 5 days a week. All you have to do is heat and eat. This makes a great gift for a family with a new member or a student away from home. Only $100 for  2 people for the entire week! Vegetarian menu alternatives are noted in parentheses.

 We also offer the option of adding an order of vegetable sides and/or a kid entree! Every week, we offer a different vegetable side order that will include two different types of veggies for the week. We also offer a kid entree for those of you with pickier eaters in the house! There are three options each month from which you can select your kid entree for the week. The vegetable sides are an additional $20, and the children’s entree is an additional $15.  We are now also offering the option to add bread to your meal, either a Baguette or Peter’s Dinner Rolls, for $3.50.

 Please, no substitutions or customization. See individual menus for the weekly veggie side add-ons and the monthly kid entree options. You can also call the store for this week’s selection!

 Have more questions? Just call or e-mail us with the information below, and we’ll be happy to talk through some of the details of our program with you. We love adding people to our Family Dinner cohort!

Do you want to be added to our weekly Family Dinner reminder list so you don’t forget to sign-up each week? Just e-mail your request to, or ask the next time you call to place your order!

 To order: fill out our online order form, call (919) 489-4114 or e-mail cateringdur@fostersmarket.coms


March Family Dinner menu


Allergy information is included as follows: GF = Gluten Free  DF = Dairy Free  NF = Nut Free

March Week 4:  Order by Friday 03/22 for Pick Up Monday 03/25
DF/NF Ramen w/ Turmeric Chicken & Greens (GF/DF/NF Thai Sweet Potato & Carrot Soup)
GF/DF/NF Herb Grilled Pork Chops (GF/NF Black Bean Chilaquiles) DF/NF Miso Ginger Salmon (DF/NF Miso-glazed Roasted Veggie Soba Noodles)*
NF Kale Pesto Pasta w/ Roasted Tomatoes & Parmesan Our pesto does NOT contain nuts
GF/DF/NF Mixed Bean Casserole w/ Tomatoes & Greens
GF/DF/NF Garden Salad w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette
NF Buttermilk Panna Cotta w/ Mixed Berry Compote


Garlic Bread Baguette
Peter’s Dinner Rolls

Kid’s Entrées:
NF Crispy Chicken Fingers
NF Mac & Cheese
NF Chicken Chilaquiles


Vegetable Sides March Week 4:

DF/NF Lemon-Dill Orzo AND GF/DF/NF Mashed Sweet Potatoes