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Shaker Lemon Pie

Sweet and tangy this pie is for real lemon lovers.

Granny Foster’s Chess Pie

My grandmother had at least10 handwritten recipes for this pie in her recipe book.

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Garnet Sweet Potato Pie

My favorites sweet potato varieties are the ones with deep orange flesh, Garnet, Jewel, and Beauguard. They grow well and love the southern soil in North Carolina, the number one sweet potato producing state in the United States since 1971. For this pie, I prefer Garnet for their moist, orange flesh and earthy flavor.


Hand Pie Dough

I love the idea of individual desserts, it makes everything so easy and your guests feel special, they each get their own little pie. This dough is sturdy enough, to use for crostatas and galettes, large and small. 



Pate Brisee PieCrust

Leave it up to the French to come up with something so delicious, rich, and buttery. This classic pastry works well for both sweet and savory pies and tarts. I like to pair it with fillings that are tart, such as rhubarb, lemon, or dark chocolate.

Spelt Pie Crust

Spelt is a non-hybrid grain harvested in Asia, long before it made its way to Europe over 9000 years ago.  It’s rich nutty flavor enhances this pastry to go well with hearty fillings like Not Your Mom’s Chicken Pot Pie or sweet filling like Old-fashioned Pecan Pie.



Apple Sour Cream Slab Pie

The apple season brings with it the feeling that fall has arrived and the air is brisk. The best apples you can get are probably the ones you grow yourself, so try and seek out the heirloom varieties grown near you.

Springtime Strawberry Tart

My grandparents had a strawberry patch on their farm in Tennessee; we would get out of school for a few days every spring to pick strawberries.  Because strawberries don’t get any sweeter after they are picked, you want to try and buy local at the peak of the season. If you have a “pick your own” berry farm near you it is well worth the effort, they don’t get any better.