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Holiday Cornbread Dressing

This moist and flavorful cornbread dressing—or what you non-Southerners may call stuffing—appeared in Martha Stewart Living, and it remains one of our most requested recipes at the Market. The mix of pillowy egg bread and crusty, grainy cornbread is a real winner. Try stirring in leeks and wild mushrooms in spring or oysters and hot […]

Salt and Pepper Skillet Cornbread

Some Southerners will happily argue till they are blue in the face defending the honor of unsweetened cornbread, a preference that tends to divide the South from the North. But I find that a touch of sugar adds a layer of complexity that is well worth breaking the rules. More important to me is the […]

Summer Corn Cakes with Chopped Tomato and Avocado Salsa

The contrasting flavors, textures, and colors make this vibrant summertime dish a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. It is tops served with a fried egg for breakfast, and you can turn it into a filling lunch or dinner by scattering the cakes with grilled shrimp or chicken breast. MAKES ABOUT 1 […]

Sweet Potato Spoon Bread

Spoon bread is like a cross between grits and cornbread, with a lovely dense, pudding-like texture set off by cornmeal’s fine grain. I don’t need an excuse to bring sweet potatoes into the mix- I’ve been known to add them to just about everything- but in this case they reinforce the silky texture of the […]


This is a recipe from Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

Skillet Cornbread

This cornbread is delicious warm, with sweet butter. To use it for panzanella, allow the bread to cool completely before cutting it into cubes. You can also make the cornbread a day in advance, letting it dry out a bit before turning it into panzanella. Makes one 10- or 12-inch inch round 2 tablespoons olive […]

Rosemary Cheese Crackers

Most every Southerner has a favorite recipe for cheese biscuits, cheese crackers, or cheese straws, those staples of holiday gifting and year-round entertaining. With the addition of rosemary and chile peppers, I give this version of these buttery crackers unexpected heat and flavor that makes them extra habit-forming. Serve topped with fresh goat cheese and […]

Sweet Potato Buttermilk Biscuits

I give the method for baking a sweet potato in this recipe, but the truth is that leftover sweet potatoes, like Orange-Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes, are invariably what inspire me to make these. In a perfect world, I eat them warm topped with maple Sweetened Butter.


This cornbread is used to make the Cornbread and Pumpkin Challah Stuffing with Dried Fruit

Pumpkin Challah

Use this bread to make stuffing, bread pudding, or day-after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches.

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