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Coming Home to Tennessee and Blackberry Farm

Peter and I were recently invited to Blackberry Farm, in the rolling hills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, for a very special experience. I was honored to participate in a food and wine event along with Pam Starr of Crocker and Starr Winery.

Blackberry Farm is a little hard to describe with the usual travel adjectives. There are two key words at Blackberry Farm that apply to all guests, “r e l a x” and “e n j o y”. And, once you get that message you slip in to a schedule (and a mind set) of great food, wine, conversation, outdoor activities, and a personal rejuvenation…all in a setting of a pristine mountain environment.

The food and wine events have been a regular occasion at Blackberry farm for years. A guest chef and guest winemaker are invited to come to Blackberry Farm and share their passions with a small group of guests.The chef demonstrates, teaches, and prepares meals while the winemaker pours, explains, and tastes. Everybody gets to know each other, dine, wine and cook together together, and learn a thing or two about each other; preparing great food and choosing good wine along the way. It”s one of the things I love most about teaching classes, I always learn something as well.  Gretchen Kurtz, a Denver based food writer, was one of guest enjoyed talking  with during lunch and learning about her food blog seedtospoon.com -check it out. Helen DeFrance, a friend and cookbook author from Mississippi also attended, love her books.

I got to enjoy some of the many activities they offer……my two favorites were touring the garden with John and fly fishing with Dusty.

The food and service at Blackberry Farm is some of the best I have ever experienced. Fresh from the garden, larder, and kitchen; simply prepared and elegantly presented. The chefs know how to cook and present field peas, sweet potato greens, collards and buttermilk (yes, in a consomme) in ways I have never imagined. And the staff executed all the events in a perfectly timely manner….”yes” is always the answer at Blackberry farm.

To see more of our visit click here for More Photos

Peter shot a video of the “hands on cooking class” I gave, everyone got their hands dirty…..it”s right after this…take a look.

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  1. are there some recipes to go with this wonderful class

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