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A video: Sara Foster shooting her new cookbook

Recently Sara and her photographer, Peter Frank Edwards, have been shooting all the beautiful food shots to go with Sara”s recipes for her new cookbook, tentatively titled, A Little Slice of Southern. Here are some video clips from a resent session.

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  1. good read

  2. I just wanted to let Sara know that the day I first found one of her cookbooks in Barnes & Noble, I grabbed all 3 of them, got an iced tea, and soon walked out with all of them. There was no way I could leave one behind. I have read all 3 cover to cover and marked what I want to make,( many ).
    I am a avid cookbook collector, I have nearly 300 cookbooks, but yours live on top of my kitchen bookcase, always ready to grab. Thanks, and looking forward to your new one, Judykay

  3. Hi Sara
    I am beyond excited to hear you are writing another book . I love and adore your books and use them regularly . They help with my catering business by providing wonderful ideas and anytime I use one of your recipes they are a HIT !!!!!
    Looking forward to the release , I hope sooner rather than later .

    One day I hope to visit one of your stores!!


  4. I recently had the pleasure of working with Peter Frank Edwards for a magazine shoot and I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful recipes with his fantastic pictures!

  5. Enjoyed your video. It amazes me the amount of detail that goes into the photos. I also loved the music that was with the video. Can I get this on a CD?

  6. Sara
    when is the release date for your new cookbook?

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